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Meet Senior Decision Makers From:

  • North American E&P Companies
  • North American Midstream Companies
  • North American Refineries & Petrochemical Companies

With The Following Job Titles:

Directors, Head Of, Manager, Officers, Administrators, Architects, Specialists, Auditors, Engineers, Designers, Analysts

  • Process Control
  • Cyber Security
  • Automation
  • Information Cyber Security
  • Risk
  • Digital Risk
  • Enterprise Risk
  • Incident & Crisis Management
  • Network & Communications
  • Operational Technology
  • Technology
  • Operations
  • Data Privacy
  • Compliance And Regulatory
  • Control Systems
  • Industrial Security
  • Corporate Security
  • Security Systems

Plus Key Suppliers Of:

  • Threat Detection Services
  • Encryption Systems
  • Reservoir Engineering Companies
  • Network Security Systems
  • Phishing Protection Services
  • Intrusion Detection Systems IDS
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • Cyber Incident Response
  • Network Hardware Installation Services
  • Network Software Installation Services
  • Supervisory Applications
  • PLCs
  • Firewalls Layers
  • Cyber Security Protocols

Hear From Major E&Ps, Midstream Operators & Refiners

Terry Gilsenan

Terry Gilsenan

CIO & VP of Technology

PIE Operating

Dave Bang

David Bang

Manager IT Security Architecture & Communications


Tony Caruso

Tony Caruso

Cyber Security Adviser

Apache Corporation

Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis

Policy And Framework Adviser For Information And Risk Strategy


Stuart Wagner

Stuart Wagner

Director, IT Security & Compliance

Enterprise Products

Cesar Felizzola

Cesar Felizzola

Automation Manager

DCP Midstream

Stephen Crayner

Stephen Crayner

Automation Engineer

DCP Midstream

Keith Stouffer

Keith Stouffer

Industrial Control Systems Cyber Security Lead

National Institute For Standards And Technology


Jeff Cornelius



Barak Perelman

Barak Perelman



Cyber Security For Process Control Remote Assets Oil & Gas 2016

Cost & Effective Strategies For Securing Industrial Process Control Systems And Remote Assets Against Cyber Threats

As a result of the prolific use of automated mission critical equipment on remote assets in recent years has led to the need for cyber security systems and protocols to be addressed in full. The Cyber Security For Process Control Remote Oil & Gas Assets 2016 Initiative will therefore isolate common factors affecting operators at present to establish high quality solutions to cyber security for process control. 

Most operators understand the systems and measures to secure refining and midstream automation technologies, but the huge rollout of infrastructure based on SCADA rather than DCS has resulted in cyber security issues that have left operators dealing with a multitude of competing factors that have intensified the level of threat posed from cyber attacks to the industry at large.

With the increase in use of mission critical automated equipment and SCADA systems and the increased threat of cyber attacks, cyber security for industrial process control must now be addressed in full. IT departments have been constantly receiving information about threats, but it is vital to ensure the same level of security on industrial process control systems.

Thoroughly researched with operators across North America, the Cyber Security For Process Control Remote Oil & Gas Asset 2016 has been engineered to focus on delivering the full spectrum of cost and time effective strategies to secure industrial process control systems, remote assets and remote means of communication to identify and neutralize the true risks for cyber security to the industry.

  • Secure your network and rescue your vulnerabilities keeping critical data internal to your network, whilst keeping your control system safer from outside influences
  • Takeaway solutions to decrease downtime, increase production and foster a secure work environment


Solutions Delivered Over The Two Days Including:

  • Robust E&P Strategies: Looking At Demonstrating Ways To Cost-Effectively Secure Networks, Remote Assets And Remote Means Of Communication Against Cyber Attacks
  • What Are The True Risks That E&Ps Should Prepare For? Know When A $1 Million Spending On Defenses Is Justified On Assets Worth $100k
  • Access Control: Understand High Quality Protocols To Control Access To PCN Systems And Harden Infrastructure Whilst Maintaining Easy Communication
  • Sustainable Cyber Security Policies: Learn What Is Good Enough
  • Responding To Intrusion: Real World Case Studies On How An Operator Responded To And Managed An Actual Intrusion On Its Network
  • Improving Firewall Policies To Bring Them Up To The Highest Level: Having A Firewall It Isn't A Solution In Itself - It Has To Be Properly Managed And Maintained. A Full Section Of The Conference Has Been Dedicated To This Hot Issue
  • Securing Brownfield Equipment: Demonstrating How To Make Old Equipment And Systems Secure Without Embarking On Million-Dollar-Upgrades


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